Broward College Class Schedule

Online Classes through Broward College Continuing Education Department and its ed2go partner.  
Twenty four hours of non credit content delivered over six weeks for $135 each.  
Classes start: February 18 | March 18 | April 15 | May 20 .  Click on the link for more information and to register.

Creating a Successful Business Plan  - Turn your business ideas into a solid plan for financing and long-term success.

Effective Business Writing  -Develop powerful written documents that draw readers in and keep them motivated to continue to the end.

Interpersonal Communication  - Become aware of the conscious and unconscious codes of meaning we send when communicating with others.

Individual Excellence  - Master twelve career-enhancing skills including goal setting, time management, personal organization, and creativity.

Business Law for the Small Business Owner  - Learn how to successfully protect your small business and solve most of the legal problems that may arise.

Managing Customer Service  -Become indispensable to any organization by understanding how to identify and meet customer needs

Leadership  Gain the respect and admiration of others, exert more control over your destiny, and enjoy success in your professional and personal life.

Learn to Buy and Sell on Ebay  -Auction pros teach you how to work from home or earn extra income by buying and selling goods online.

Marketing Your Business on the Internet  - E-commerce expert helps you develop an Internet marketing plan for your business.

QuickBooks 2009, Introduction to -Learn how to quickly and efficiently gain control over the financial aspects of your business.

Effective Selling  Learn the secret to converting a potential customer into a long-term asset. Find out how to lay the groundwork for repeat business and your future success.

Speed Spanish  Learn six easy recipes to glue Spanish words together into sentences, and you'll be engaging in conversational Spanish in no time.

We offer over 200 classes online. Click here  for and alphabetic listing.